In the 1990 was produced the first video-clip for the song SPLEEN, and immediately it was evident the great desire to do something unique.

For video shooting, editing and guests was immediately involved Specchio Magico, a crew of professional filmmakers, who had already collaborated with the master director Dario Argento.

Given the high expectations the location had to be effective and of a certain charisma: were chosen the ruins of the 'Colonia di Varese' and the Woodpecker, historical discoclub of 'Milano Marittima' of the 50s and 60s, now abandonment outside the seaside town, but that still gave a discrete charm: a visionary structure created in an artificial circular lake, with the paved part in the shape of a star on which a futuristic dome stood. It remembered a lunar landscape, an eye and a shell: some ideas of it's creator, that immediately gave it the highest possible shine.

The video-clip based on noir and above all horror colors, it had a significant impact, so much to collect the attention of the maximum musical TV channel of the time, Video-Music, that passed it repeatedly in his palimpsest.

Guest: Marco Zanirato (detective), Daniele Rossi (oldman), Franca Zaccheroni (the lady), Donatella Zaccheroni (woman), Gian Martorana (count), Massimo Biagetti (the mister), Bernardetta Macchini (girl), Lips (jolly), Benito Campana (waiter), Silvia De Petris (waitres), Paolo Genova (researcher).



In the 2017 awaiting the imminent release of the album 'Circus Nebula', the band relied on the young man Diego Babini for the video-shooting, directing and editing; while the graphic Andrea Matteucci put on-line the first version of this website, and he took care of photography, in addition to making the history  Teatro Verdi di Forlimpopoli avaiable like as a location.

A place steeped in meaning and anecdotes, like the one that saw the staging (unfortunately made real) of the looting accomplished by Stefano Pelloni, formally known as Il Passatore, to damage of the local bourgeoisie in the cold night of 25 January 1851.

The video reaches over 10.000 views in a few weeks, and is of great impact and effect.

Cameo: a young 'ectoplasm' wanders around the theater during filming...



'Circus Nebula' it is published and already on sale, and the second video connected to it, is published.

The technical holdings of Diego Babini, and Andrea Matteucci and for the first time in the band there are the new bass player Luca AGO Agostini and the new keyboard player Michele GAVO Gavelli.

The location is carefully evaluated and identified in the  Old Boy pub in the city of Forlì, where the band simulates a live evening, but it does not interest anyone, especially to the manager of the pub who can't wait to send them away.

Guest star are, Laura (the waitress who serves at the tables and the boys in the band), Tommy (the annoyed barman), Happy (the boy passed-out at the table), lo stesso Andrea (cowboy playing solitaire with cards), Yulia e Gola (in the shoes of motorcyclists in love and taken by their effusions) that they disgust the band. And at the end of the video AGO in the role of a fool 'swamp grog'...

If the video exceeds 17.000 view in just over a month, on the social Facebook, more than 30.000 contacts are registered, to prove that hard work and the years of patience, are served.